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Start gardening using EM food waste Compost




Lesson 1 : Digging in the compost

Firstly, dig a channel in the garden about two thirds of a foot deep,
placing the dug up soil by the sides of the channel.


Then pour the foodwaste compost into the channel. It will smell 'zingy' like lemon and pickles.
Chop up the compacted waste with the spade,
and even it out to the same depth - about 5 inches, along the bottom of the channel.


Spade the dug out soil at the edges of the channel back over the compost and gently compact it. The soil will be ready for planting in two weeks by which time the food compost will have substantially broken down,
imparting its nutrients to the soil.



Lesson 2 : Using the compost in pots


Here the the compost bucket and here is a plant pot, with stones for drainage at the base.

Simply pour the compost into the pot, so it is about 2/5 full with compost

Fill the rest of the pot with soil.

Cover and fasten a bin bag over the pot and leave for 2-3 weeks. After that, it will be ready to plant.


Lesson 3 : Fertilizing Plants


Digging small 2/3 foot deep holes around plants making care not to damage major roots.

Placing a handfull of compost in each hole.

Cover over and tamp down with soil. Done.