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The EM Kitchen Composter is an innovative in-house composting unit that can be placed under the kitchen sink or other convenient location. Used in conjunction with EM Compost Starter (bokashi), the system provides the ideal conditions to activate anaerobic fermentation. Detailed instructions included.

EM Bokashi consists of wheat bran inoculated with Kyusei EM Microbial Inoculant

EM Bokashi used in conjunction with the EM Kitchen Composter, an innovative in-house composting unit that can be placed under the kitchen sink or other convenient location, the system provides the conditions to activate anaerobic fermentation.

Weeds are the bane of most gardeners' lives. Our products will promote growth in all forms of soil borne plant life. Early application of our products will force weeds to grow as soon as the soil temperature is warm enough. Hoeing as soon as weed seedlings appear will effectively kill off most weeds at this stage, leave the detritus on the soil, it is full of nutrients. It will quickly break down into humus. Most perennial weeds will disappear after one or two seasons use of our products, providing you follow our simple instructions. Early annual weeds are simply hoed back; later annual weeds find it difficult to survive due to the increased foliar coverage of the crop and the plants own defense mechanisms.

It is vital that fermented humus or kitchen waste and garden humus are not allowed to come into contact with the roots of plants when first applied. The products are slightly acid in this state. (Approximately pH 4.0). It is this acidity that will kill most weed seedlings. Once it has been mixed in the soil for a couple of weeks, the pH level adjusts to that of the soil; it is then perfectly safe to use with your plants.

A potting and planting medium can be easily made by mixing Fermented humus or other humus derivatives with a good quality topsoil in a dustbin. Once the mixture has matured it may be used for raising seedlings, or for planting out. This method ensures that the new seedlings do not come into immediate contact with soil treated with fermented humus, it effectively takes out the guesswork. Ignore any white filament fungal growth that may appear these are beneficial organisms.

It doesn't matter if the crop is flower, vegetable or grass; using our products will enhance it. Flower displays will be more prolific with greater foliage and colour. Vegetables and other kitchen garden produce will be of higher quality and taste. Cut flowers and vegetables will have a longer shelf life. Soft fruit will generally mature earlier and be much sweeter. Grass surfaces will have a lower incidence of fungal disease, while the appearance will improve. It should be noted that the chlorophyll colour of the leaves may be a lighter green than you are used to, this is because the plant is not taking up as much nitrogen as it used to. Over application of nitrogen promotes a darker green leaf, it also promotes the incidence of parasitic fungal growth, this in turn can promote a higher incidence of unwanted nematodes in the soil. Not all nematodes are unwelcome; some will predate on the smaller parasites in the soil. We look to provide a healthy balance.