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2 Kitchen Waste Digesters and 2 years supply of Bokashi -£108.00

Using two in combination provides far better waste digestion and 100% recycling of all your food waste.

Our Kitchen Waste Digesters are made from superior quality ceramic-plastic with a with handy tap for draining off probiotic-rich plant food. They have been used around the world formore than 15 years. Feedback tells us that imitation plastic containers simply aren't up to the job and break quickly.

The future of home composting and the solution to the landfill problem. Time tested and proven in Japan and America. Recycle 100% of your kitchen waste and regenerate the health of your environment.


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January 2005

East London Community Recycling Partnership
A breakthough UK trial shows how realistic our sustainable organic waste minimisation and composting strategy is.

East London Community Recycling Partnership have pioneered a scheme, with Living Soil's initiation and consultation, to create a community food-waste collection system which meets both the Environment Agency and DEFRA (SVS) requirements. The householder merely puts the food waste in a container and sprinkles with bokashi, when it is collected once a week and composted, resulting in a complete elimination of organic waste going to the landfill.

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October 2004

"Join the Earth-Saving Revolution"

Be part of the solution not the pollution ! The EM-food waste bin is covered in OM (Observer magazine) DIAMOND LIFE issue as a "good buy" and will "lead to less rotting mess in landfill sites" ! A very favourable feature showing how there are simple solutions to our ecological concerns simply through small changes in the way we do things.

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May 2004

Composting in "The Garden" Royal Horticultural Society Magazine

Suveying the state-of-the-art ecological composting techniques available to the organic gardener/agriculturalist

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January 2004

Observer Magazine:
"One of the most effective natural ways of diverting food waste from landfill"

Observer Magazine
featured an article on a 'rubbish revolution' that holds the key to a sustainable future. In their compost section, written by Lucy Siegle, the Living Soil system was assessed as the best for recycling food waste, especially for people living within urban and suburban environments.






Jan 2004

EM-X Featured in Ode Magazine!

The mainstream European magazine ODE : "The Magazine to change (y)our world", covered the EM-X health revolution in a great feature. To read article online about the medicinal antioxidant beverage go to Ode Magazine

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August 2003

"Of Microbes and Mollasses"
Living Soil Article in Permaculture Magazine

Issue 37 of Permaculture - Solutions for Sustainable Living, carries an article written by Dan Woodward and Alexander Hodgsonl on the broad applications of EM in composting and renewal of soil fertility
, and an overview of the history and methods of the Kyusei (Earth Saving) approach to agriculture.

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April 2003

"Little Organisms, Big Revolution"
Ode Magazine describes how EM can help tackle the world's problems.

Ode magazine discusses the
uses of EM in enhancing food production, health and the environment. Featuring sections on EM for water purification, natural forestry management, shrimp and fish farming, and in deodorising landfill sites across south east asia.



July 2003

Christchurch City Council in New Zealand (Aotearoa) adopt Effective Microorganism waste treatment

New Zealand Nature Farming Society (NZNFS) has initiated a progressive EM composting scheme in Christchurch NZ with the support of Christchurch Council. They have created great educational brochures on EM, and state it to be 'The most effective method of composting kitchen organics'.

Take a look at the EM section of Christchurch City Council website (external site, will open in a new window)