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Living Soil 18 litre Kitchen Waste Digester ™ with handy tap for draining off microbial-rich plant food !

Reduce household organic waste by 100 % - Makes extremely beneficial organic compost in just 2 weeks.

A New dimension in Composting - Kyusei (Earth Saving) nature farming. Be part of an Earth Saving Revolution by lowering your homes environmental impact. Used in over 2 million households worldwide.

1 Kitchen Waste Digester - £44.95

1 kitchen waste Digester for a one person household
(postage included)




2 Kitchen Waste Digesters -£79.95

2 kitchen waste Digester for more than one person in a household. Using two in combination provides far better waste digestion and 100% recycling of all your food waste.
(postage included)

Some benefits of the Living Soil Kitchen Waste Digester™

* No smells because friendly and safe bacteria is used
* No fruit flies
* Mail on Sunday Recommended Product !
* "The Best way to divert kitchen waste from the landfill" - The Observer
* Small & compact for the kitchen
* Composts cooked and uncooked food, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables
* Will rebuild the soil in your garden on a microbial level
* Will decontaminate soil from harmful pathogens and pollutants
* Watch your garden bloom with new life as you bury your fermented food waste directly under the soil
* Be part of an organic solution in 2005 by directing food waste away from the landfill.

Fully airtight, 18 litre food waste digester specially designed in Japan for use with Bokashi.

Creates a powerfully beneficial compost for growing extremely vibrant and healthy plants, flowers and vegetables. Perfect for the home vegetable patch and flowerbeds.

Features a tap for draining off a liquid rich with nutrients from the foodwaste and beneficial microbe rich juice which can be used for:

The garden: To fertilise existing garden and house plants use a teaspoon to 5 litres of water and apply directly to the soil.

The house: Pour liquid directly into your kitchen and bathroom drains, toilets and septic system. EM helps prevent alghae build-up and limit pathogenic bacteria.

The Kitchen Waste Digester includes:

* Full Instructions
* 3 bags of Bokashi (6 month supply of compost starter)
* 1 kitchen waste digester (420x315x315mm)

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Click here for lessons on how to use the compost from the Kitchen waste digester

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