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"An Earth Saving Revolution"
By Teruo Higa

Volumes 1 and 2, introducing the means to solve our worlds waste and food production problems through Effective Microorganisms (EM).

Kitchen garbage can be transformed into fertilizer ! Polluted water can be made drinkable. Teruo Higa expounds on his discovery of EM and the research and practical progress being made with this approach. EM-amazing applications to agriculture, environmental and medical problems. Each volume is over 360 pages.

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"EM-X: The Effect of EM-X on the structure and function of human blood"
By Teruo Higa

The Darkfield Microscope technology provides exact evidence of the compostion of the blood, especially the condition of the leukocytes, the erythrocytes, the plasma and the microorganisms. This video shows the highly beneficial effect of EM-X on the structure and function of human blood - waste elimination, blockage removal, delivery of nutrients and reduced pressure upon the heart. A useful video for people who care about their health, nutrition and the role of antioxidants in therapy and wellbeing.

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