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EM - Liquid Culture

EM (Efficient Microbes) is a balanced culture of beneficial (probiotic) bacteria.

Applications include:

Soil remediation (garden tonic)
Household hygiene
Animal Husbandry & Silage

EM-Liquid Culture works as a soil tonic and a compost activator. It contains food-grade probiotics that can safely ferment food waste into super-nutritious soil, and help re-establish the complex soil ecologies responsible for delivering nutrients and anti-oxidants to plants.

EM-Liquid Culture can also be used as a cleaning or hygiene agent can also contribute to a healthy home through its antioxidant qualities and its ability to exclude pathogenic bacteria.

EM is produced through a natural fermentation process therefore it is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered. EM is sold as a concentrate and can be added to water and applied as is or activated and extended up to 2000 times its volume.

EM-Liquid Culture (1 litre) - £35

(capable of creating 7.5 tons of organic Bokashi compost, rich in beneficial microbes. Price includes postage)

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Uses in Farming, Gardening, Permaculture

EM works to nurture soil health, from which the plants derive strong immune systems and nutrients. Not only does using EM help efficiency thus raise profit margins, in many cases it substantially adds to the lifespan and sustainability of soil, plant and animal health – the bedrocks of agriculture in all its forms.

A depleted, neglected or compromised soil can be transformed into a microbial rich, nutrient rich soil with disease-suppressive potential if effective microorganisms are applied. (Higa, 1991;1994; Parr et al, 1994). For example, in a maize, lettuce and onion farm, it is reported that significant differences existed between EM treated and chemically fertilized plots, with EM plots producing significantly higher yeilds (Prinsloo 2002).

EM-Liquid culture can be diluted, activated, and extended with a simple mix of water and molasses. Click here to find out how to make Activated EM

Silage Feed with EM-Silage

• A ready made product, requiring only dilution with water.
• Acceleration of pH- decline and creation of nutrients
• Proven in the field, works for grass, maize and whole crop silages.
• Safe/pleasant to handle, and non-corrosive to machinery
• Improves milk yield

Soil regeneration through inoculation with EM-Liquid Culture

• EM-liquid culture can be diluted and drip fed or sprayed onto crops and soil.
• Reduces risk of crop blights by re-introducing natural, beneficial soil microbes
• Completely non-toxic to organisms
• Pro-biotics work to anti-oxidize (protect) plant roots and spoon-feed nutrients to plants

Composting with EM-Bokashi

• EM can be used as a means of processing organic waste to create a rich compost to facilitate crop growth.
• 1 litre of EM can produce 204 kg of Bokashi, which can process 7530kg/7.5 tons of organic food waste, rich in beneficial microbes, nutrients and antioxidants.
• The compost is pleasant smelling, safe to handle and non-corrosive to machinery.

Animal Husbandry with EM-Liquid Culture

• removal of malodors from animals and manure (works by increasing general health, excluding pathogenic bacteria, and decreasing ammonia levels in manure)
• maintaining hygienic conditions (sprayed EM helps to exclude pathogenic bacteria and beneficially ferment any organic matter instead of it putrefying)
• Increases amino-acid content of feed by 28% after inoculation and fermentation with EM.

In the home

Houses can get filled with dust, grime and odors. Synthetic chemical detergents are commonly used due to the belief that a clean, safe environment comes though killing all microorganisms (bacteria, 'germs') present. However this is in ignorance that the health of our skin, digestive system, blood and cells are all regulated through the action of beneficial microorganisms. Synthetic chemical detergents do not differentiate between pathogenic and beneficial microbes, therefore have significant toxicity to human beings. EM-Liquid Culture can suppress harmful microorganisms, refresh and clean the home in a safe, harmonious, healthy way.

Note : No hazardous ingredients present : not hazardous to humans, animals or plants.

Dilution Rate
Crude Liquid
Apply and keep overnight
Washing machine
Every time you wash
Inside and Around Toilet bowl
Appropriate amount
Water tank (2 caps)
2-3 times/week
Privy excretion toilet tank
Pond and water tank
1/10,000 of water
Mold on leathe
Appropriate amount
Every 10 days
10-50 times
Carpet and Tatami Mat
Slightly moist
1-2 per 1-2 months or week
Shoe box, shoe and inside car
Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount
Black Mold
Appropriate amount
Pet excretion
Appropriate amount
200-500 times
Appropriate amount
500 times
Washroom sink
Appropriate amount
Around Kitchen
Kitchen and refrigerator
Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount
Pet odor
Appropriate amount
Upon brushing
Toilet Bowl
Inside toilet room
Appropriate amount
Spray when wiping
500-1000 times
Closet, chest, shelf, clothes and underwear
Moist slightly
1000 times
Seeding and planting
Appropriate amount

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